Leadership and Team Building

Providing Leadership and Team Building Expertise

2 SIX leadership – Working with individuals and teams to ‘Break through their glass CEILINGS.’

Our approach is:

To deliver contextualised leadership and team building coaching programmes. 2 SIX can create programmes which work towards the vision and expectations of success identified by individuals and teams. 2 SIX will create a space where teams and individuals can step into a area where acorns of development or NURTURED and GROWTH takes place. 2 SIX works with clients to break their glass CEILINGS Through:

Challenge: the clients beliefs and values.
Environment: to enable reflective learning to take place.
Innovation: to seek an approach which will ensure sustained change takes place.
Learning: to identify the pathway to success through reflective learning.
Independence: enable the client to develop a programme of performance development which is self supporting.
Nurture: enable clients to nurture their own development which will ensure Growth on a personal and professional level.
Self Awareness: A contextualized programme of self awareness where learning and understanding can take place.

2 SIX Leadership and Team Building

2Six created an ENVIRONMENT of SELF AWARENESS which allowed us to develop into a high performing team and achieve success. Through CHALLENGE we increased sustained productivity and reduced staff churn. I would without doubt recommend 2six to others.”

Mr Zy Kosofsky Operations Manager