Lucy O’Connor Ex European Boxing Champion and owner of Poseidon ABC

In the sporting arena, Dave has proven time and again what powerful effects performance coaching can have. I have witnessed the tangible results of his skills across three separate sports; rugby league, football and amateur boxing. Within a team environment Dave has the unique ability to unite and strengthen the bond between players and remove both group and individual performance barriers to maximise performance. His work with the Royal Navy Rugby League and Royal Navy Football teams has undoubtedly contributed to their respective successful seasons; both having won the inter-service championships in the last year. But it is through amateur boxing that I have had most experience of Dave’s inimitable skills as he volunteers as Poseidon Amateur Boxing Club’s Elite Performance Coach. Boxing is an individual sport, by contrast and Dave has demonstrated the innate ability to ‘get into the heads’ of boxers to assist them to deal with their personal battles, both in and out of the ring. Whether this is to sharpen their focus, deal with pre-bout nerves, visualise their performance or control their aggression – Dave has had a profound effect on many of our members. He creates a connection with each and every person by understanding what makes them tick and identifying which buttons to push to achieve the desired results. Not only has he helped our competitive members maximise their performance potential but he has used his coaching and communication skills to address more personal and social concerns; helping our members to deal with the day to day stresses and challenges of day to day life. Dave Bebbington is an essential part of our coaching team, channelling the performance not only of members but coaches and parents alike. Dave possesses unique skills which elicit the best out of people – he is the real deal who produces corporeal results.

Lt Fraser Quirke Manager Royal Navy Football Association

2 SIX’s work with our team has had a huge impact on our performance. Their approach of CHALLENGING our thought processes and ownership of our GROWTH, has turned our team around. Before 2 SIX we hoped to be successful, now we have such strong values and beliefs that the foundations are strong. As a result the Royal Navy Football Association won the Inter Services Football Championship for the first time since 2003. ‘We broke our glass CEILINGS!’